Hello! We ask for at least 7 full days notice on all cake orders. We cannot accept orders with less notice due to our small staff and high demand for cakes. Of course - even more notice than that is always appreciated to allow us to give you our full attention when creating your custom order.

If you are here to place a last minute order we can sometimes accommodate these on Monday or Tuesday, so feel free to fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can - but no guarantees!



Serves 12-16


Quarter sheet

Serves 18-24


Half sheet

Serves 36-48



Serves 6-8


All prices listed are the starting price for chocolate and/or vanilla combinations, standard piping decoration, and a piped message. Round cakes are two layers and sheet cakes are one layer (they do NOT come with a filling). Price will increase with additional layers (round cakes only), additional decoration, advanced flavors, fillings, toppings and gluten free options. We recommend at least one to two weeks notice on all cake orders, but can sometimes accommodate with less lead time. Everything we do is all natural, nothing artificial to see here! This means we use all plant based dyes for frostings and decorating, so our colors tend to be more pastel in hue.

To order a cake please fill out the form below!

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What date would you like to pick up your cake?
We accommodate cake pickups from our kitchen every day of the week between 12pm and 2pm. Our address is easily found on Google Maps! We cannot accommodate pickup from our wholesale locations - they do not permit this.
What message would you like piped on top? (this is included) Any special decorations? (additional charge determined by design) Include links to any reference photos we will need to quote you a price here.
If you have any allergies, or if you are looking to add any other items to your order (cookies, cupcakes, cookie sandwiches, bars, etc.) let us know here! We sell these items by the dozen - and more info on these items can be found on our catering page.

Once you submit your order please allow up to 48 hours for a response. If we don't require any clarification on any details we will simply send an invoice for prepayment which will have all of your pickup information listed as well!

Invoices must be paid at least 48 hours before your pickup date or your order will be canceled.