Shannon got her first taste of the sweets industry by peddling cookies as a Girl Scout in the heart of Tennessee. As she grew older, this evolved into hosting bake sales for animal rights groups and selling cupcakes in basements at punk shows to pay her student loans. Despite dropping out of grad school to start her own bakery, Shannon’s fondness for biochemistry still persists. Most days you can find her in the kitchen, tinkering with ratios of protein, starch, and sugar trying to create the perfect, vegan lemon meringue pie. Shannon loves radical politics, vintage kitchenware, hand-written letters, and intersectional feminism.

Meagan has always had an insatiable sweet tooth, but it wasn’t until she decided to adopt a vegan diet that she discovered her love for baking. When it came to vegan sweets, her options were few and far between living in Greensboro, North Carolina, and out of a love for all dessert, her baking career was born. Meagan’s love for baking began only as a means to an end when she wanted something delicious for dessert, but very quickly turned into a part time hobby that would years later progress to a permanent fixture in her professional life. Meagan loves cats, her planner, plants, weightlifting, and doughnuts are always her dessert of choice.

Aimee honed her baking and kitchen skills at a vegan cafe on Long Beach Island in New Jersey for many years before joining Crust. Growing up with a lack of readily available vegan sweets and skills of her own (in Toms River, New Jersey), Aimee armed herself with vegan cookbooks to study the basics and has not looked back. Outside of baking Aimee is passionate about social justice, hot sauce, seltzer, petting all the dogs and cuddling her two cats.

Angela has had a love for animals, baking and the arts since she was a kid. She remembers making her own recipes mixing flour, sugar and water together and baking it in the toaster oven for her dad to try. Watching and helping her mother and grandmother, she learned firsthand how to bake at an early age. Before moving to Philly, she started her own vegan cannoli business. By volunteering at animal shelters, she's adopted and fostered many animals and has 9 rabbits, a dog and a chinchilla. Angela enjoys drawing rabbits and animal rights illustrations, volunteering to help the homeless, movies and all food that's vegan.