Hello! Please read below as some details of our subscription box have changed since the October '17 box.

If you are new to the party, a subscription box is a seasonal special box of items filled with sweets and treats not found on our wholesale menu! Subscription boxes are $40 and include a variety of 5 different desserts of our choosing (sometimes we throw in a 6th extra surprise treat if we have the time!). These desserts range from specialty classics to some of our seasonal favorites. We start posting about the upcoming box the month prior on social media regarding the contents of the box as well as the pickup date.

To give you a little insight: we recently changed from doing a monthly box to a seasonal box (4 times a year now). We know many of our customers *love* the boxes and we couldn't do away with them completely because we love and appreciate y'all, but they do require great time and effort in planning and execution, and quite frankly we don't really make money on them - so we had to switch it up!

The subscription box is exciting for us (and you!) for a few reasons. It gives us the opportunity to have some fun in the kitchen and make some specialty items not found on our wholesale menu (think cheesecakes, cannolis, seasonally inspired treats, etc..), you get to try a variety of exclusive treats, and we get to meet/see each other! We miss out on the one on one interactions with our customers due to not having a storefront, and we would love the chance to get to say hi face to face. We also provide a way for you to give us feedback on the items you receive if you choose to (form at the bottom bottom). You can tell us what we are doing right, what could use some tweaking, and ideas for what you would like to see in a future box! Please note: we will not include doughnuts probably ever - we leave that to Dotties Donuts and The Tasty :)

Subscription boxes will be available for pickup on a specified Sunday each season from our kitchen in Manayunk from 10am to 1pm, a 15 minute drive from most areas in the city. We will include all pickup info in your invoice, which will be sent to you within 48 hours of placing your order. Also, while you are nearby, there are plenty of local spots to check out should you want to hang around the area for a bit before grabbing your sweets!

Here are a few of our favorite spots:

Philadelphia Rock Gym - A great spot for indoor rock climbing if you are feeling up for an adventurous way to start off your Sunday.

Vault + Vine - Do you need a latte? A plant? Some flowers? A small gift for a friend? Stop in to V+V's new location and enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun (in their beautiful greenhouse!) surrounded by greenery. One of our favorite places to be in the whole city!

Laurel Hill Cemetery - Are you a Rocky fan? If so you can stop here to see Adrian's grave from Rocky Balboa! Don't know what we are talking about? Still a nice place for a morning stroll with some coffee.


Our next subscription box will likely fall right around Valentine's Day so you can share some special sweets with your sweetie, or just yourself ;) We have not decided on a date yet because holiday pies have us a *little* busy. Stay tuned on social media for updates regarding the date and contents for our next seasonal box.

*Note: We unfortunately cannot accommodate allergy requests with our monthly subscription box*

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Have any thoughts on what you got in your previous subscription box? Things you would love to see in a future subscription box?

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